Online Choreography Course & Workbook

Released in 2019, “How to choreograph a pole performance” online mini course with Kristy Sellars.

Fast track the process of creating a performance routine by joining Kristy in a How To Choreograph mini course! Suitable for all levels, each lesson focuses on one specific area of the choreography process in an easy to follow format.


The Key To Choreography handbook

Every chapter within ‘The Key To Choreography’ allows you space for mapping your music, concept planning, character creation, costume design and SO much more!

This handbook is a perfect tool to use alongside the online course!

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Have you entered a pole competition but don’t know where to start with your choreography? Fast track the process by joining Kristy for her Creative Choreography mini course! Suitable for all levels, each lesson focuses on one specific area of the choreography process in an easy to follow format. Join the course here:

“I couldn’t wait to meet Kristy Sellars – choreography guru when I my toured Australia last year. I jumped at the chance to get her to help choreograph my 1920s piece for the UK professional championships 2013. This piece then went on to win the championships for the third year in a row! I really recommend using Kristy as a choreographer!”

~Bendy Kate~ UK

Kristy is dynamite! I have long admired her work, and had the opportunity to collaborate and have her set movement on me during one of my Australian tours. Her talent as a choreographer, dancer, artist, and teacher is unparalleled, and her professionalism, presence, attention to detail, musicality and ability to use story/character is impeccable. I cannot wait to have a chance for more collaborations with this talented artist!

~ Sergia Louise Anderson ~ Los Angeles

“I have never let anyone choreograph a routine for me before but after having seen my first Kristy Sellers performance, I was blown away by her style and creativity. Kristy Sellers is one of the only people in the world I would trust to do choreography for me. She has an amazing ability to tell a story through her unique transitions and movements. I recently got her to create a routine for the Pole Theatre Australia competition where I had a very exact idea of what I wanted. Kristy immediately picked up on my concept and created something that not only met my brief but exceeded all my expectations and took it to the next level. I would absolutely love to work with her again and would highly recommend working with her to anyone, from a dancer that wants something a little different than their normal style, to a complete newbie creating their first routine.”

~ Karry Summers, New Zealand

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kristy Sellars choreographing my pole routines interstate twice now, one in which was a winning routine!
Both times I have been amazed at the imaginative and creative concepts she has come up for me and how she can alter things along the way to suit my way of movements and personality.
Working with Kristy has been fantastic for my progression as a pole dancer, being able to concentrate on training all my movements in my routine with her instruction other then worrying about what i’m really not good at – (the actual choreo). With her constant check-ups to see how I was going training what she had choreographed for me her help really motivated me to train harder and be better at what I was doing. As a pole dancer with no dance background or choreography skills I don’t think i would have had a chance of winning Miss Pole Dance Tasmania on my own without Kristy’s guidance.
Kristy Sellars certainly has me in awe of her performance and choreography and has made my dreams come true ??”

Lubomira Bull, 25, Tasmania

“Kristy is truly a gifted choreographer! Like many pole enthusiasts, I was drawn to Kristy’s unique story telling and jaw dropping performances. After being accepted to my first World Masters Division competition, I was concerned that my choreography skills were not sufficient to create something unique on my own. Knowing Kristy worked with international clients, I contacted her for help. After giving Kristy my music choice and a basic vision of a theme, she knew exactly what I was trying to envision. She magically brought it all to life using my very own tricks and combos!!!! Kristy has the amazing ability to work with your skill level and dance experience, turning your style and moves into a truly epic performance! Her choreography videos are incredibly easy to follow and understand and she was always available for additional help, questions, or tips and tricks! Kristy made my Worlds training completely stress free!! She is very personable, putting her heart and soul into her creations! I can’t wait to work with Kristy again in the near future!”

~ Kelly Rotar, Canada.

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