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Kristy’s TOP 10 TIPS for Choreographing a Pole Routine!

There are so many ways to choreograph a routine, but these 10 tips help me out a lot. Enjoy xUntitled-2

  1. Listen to your music.¬†This will be different for everyone depending on how well trained your ear is. But try to hear different sounds and rhythms in the song and use what you ‘feel’ the most.
  2. Understand what your song is about.
  3. Decide how the pole/s relate to your routine.
  4. Make time for audience interaction… in a way that still makes sense with your concept.
  5. Use the music to make your tricks look better… Dynamic trick on dynamic part of music!
  6. Choose tricks that make sense to your concept. If the song is saying “I just want to hide” it’s probably not the best time to whip out a Hello Boys to the audience!
  7. Have a start, middle and end. So you keep your audience engaged the entire time.
  8. Choose dance moves that feel natural to YOUR body.
  9. Mix it up! Take some of those moves and make them a little different… change an arm, or an angle etc.
  10. MAKE A DECISION! One of the biggest challenges I face when choreographing is not changing the move 50 times before I’m happy with it. Sometimes I find that a sense of urgency helps with making decisions. Set yourself a deadline…. a week, a day, an hour, a minute?

I hope this is helpful, and of course this is just one way to choreograph :)
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Till next time
Kristy xx