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Kristy can choreograph your entire performance from start to finish via Skype anywhere in the world!




Unlock the performer inside. Handbook, DVD and workshops.




Kristy runs a range of workshops for dancers of all levels. View here current workshops and book now.


Who is Kristy Sellars?


With a solid dance background already up her sleeve, Kristy Sellars began pole dancing in 2007 and was instantly hooked.

In 2009, she founded PhysiPole Studios, which has grown to now be the largest Pole studio in Australia with 12 locations across 3 states.

Kristy is passionate about performance and is world-renowned for her choreography. She holds numerous titles such as Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2012/13, Pole Theatre Overall Champion- Australia 2016, Pole Theatre Drama Champion- World Finals 2016 (Prague) and International Pole Champion 2015 (Hong Kong). As well as competing in other international competition such as Pole Art- Helsinki (Finland) 2013 and making special guest performances and teaching tours in in Scotland, England, Singapore, New Caledonia, New Zealand, The United States, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.


“I couldn’t wait to meet Kristy Sellars – choreography guru- when I toured Australia last year. I jumped at the chance to get her to help choreograph my 1920s piece for the UK professional championships 2013.” Says UK Champion Bendy Kate.

“I really recommend using Kristy as a choreographer!” New Zealander, Karry Summers had previously never let anybody choreograph her routines but was “blown away” by Kristy’s “style and creativity”. 

“Her talent as a choreographer, dancer, artist, and teacher is unparalleled, and her professionalism, presence, attention to detail, musicality and ability to use story/character is impeccable.”- Sergia Louise Anderson